Our Story

Oudh of Royal Bloodline takes pride in our quality of the best Oudh around. We have studied and researched .

About this very unique wood for years and decided because of it's amazing properties that it needs the attention of the public. So far we have done great healing works with this product, however we have also realized that this divine smelling oudh has some magickal properties as well. Every one we have given this oudh to has attracted some for of wealth while wearing our product. Our oudh is very unique and separate from any oudh you will find anywhere where, through our ancient and sacred practice we have added a little umph to our products to add prosperity,healing, and much ore into your life. These oils are charged with love!

We specialize in only a selective few however these oils were divinely picked and formulated to fit our quality brand.

we hope that you will enjoy our products and make sure that you go to our page like share and subscribe as we share with you different special editions that we will be having month to month.